Flawless Hair Removal

Posted on 19 May 2018 by Kelly Mosley

Flawless Hair Removal is a product from Finishing Touch. It is a facial hair remover that claims to remove your facial hairs, including from the upper lip, unruly brows and cheeks. It promises to work quickly and painlessly. At first glance, the device looks like a tube of lipstick larger in size and featuring a white outer case with 18-karat gold plate. But when you open the tube, you will see one more device that is plated in gold too. The manufacturer says that this precious metal is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.at the same time, it performs a decorative function. You will need to just press the button in order to switch on the hair removal head. A small LED flashlight will be also switched on to help you take care of your skin with better precision even in low lighting.

The official website says that using Flawless' mechanical head should be gentle to your skin. When using the device move it in a circular motion to get rid of any undesired hair. The company behind the product, Finishing Touch, is badly known in the country and is not popular. Nevertheless, they make many loud claims, for example, that the product is safe to the touch and carries no risk of cuts, nicks, or irritation. You are expected to enjoy smooth skin with no redness or pain associated with waxing, a rather popular procedure for hair removing. Flawless Hair Removal can be used on any part of the body including your face (chin, upper lip, cheeks, and temple) and other body parts. It can correct your brow shape; remove hair on your legs and arms. Since the product has a small size you may need a while.

Does Flawless Hair Removal Really Work?

The official website of the product certainly contains only positive customers' testimonials, but it seems that they are not left by true users of Flawless Hair Removal. It would be wiser to take a look at third-party websites. For instance, Amazon gave the device an average rating of almost four stars based on more than a hundred of reviews from true customers. The most common compliments referenced the easy of using the device, nice design and mobility of the product. The Flawless Hair Removal has also a few complaints that reference poor results, high price and low durability of the device. The company behind this hair remover is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. It is associated with more than 100 negative testimonials from customers on different websites. Other complaints were related to refund issues.

One woman writes in her review that she used Flawless for more than a month but it is not working any more. It is an expensive product but it has a low quality and no warranty. Another buyer complains that as soon as she received her device she put a new battery in it. She was disappointed that the blades did not rotate even though the light came on. The customer even sent a video of the faulty product to the manufacturer but did not get her money back. She has been emailing them several times but hasn't been answered. The customer service is unresponsive and unhelpful. Many people are curious about how this product actually works but there is no explanation anywhere on ads or websites. Those who have tried the device report that it works painlessly with a tiny electric razor and can be used every day. It removes 100% hair but it is too expensive and noisy. So, everyone around you will know that you are shaving. The blades can be reordered for this electric razor. Beware, though, that you will get even more facial hair is when using the product. Let's see what real customers are reporting about using this device.

"Flawless hair removal is a completely useless thing to buy. In fact, I bought two of these units - one for me and another one for my friend. Mine worked great at first, though I was disappointed that it was an ordinary razor. My friend's unit stopped working after two uses. She replaced the battery but it did not start working. She even tried high-quality batteries but without any result. That's waste of money. I would not recommend this product to buying"

"Flawless HairRemoval is the worst purchase I have ever made online. I used this machine only two times but the battery does not work already. When I decided to change it, I could not get the tip back on. By the way, I purchased the product through BetterDeals.com. When I contacted them to complain they informed me that they don't give refunds. I was not pleased with this news. Do not buy these expensive razors!"

"I was very excited to try my Flawless Hair Removal, so when I received my facial hair remover I immediately started to check it. I used it twice and was quite satisfied with the results, but then I caught a cold and didn't use it for five days. I found out that this product increased the number and thickness of hair on my face and neck! Now I try to stay away from other people, even from my husband. That's such a shame for me. I am going to have laser hair removal"

Where To Buy Flawless Hair Removal?

This device is available on the manufacturer's website for $19.99, but you will also have to pay $5.99 for processing and handling. That's $25.98 in total. You are not expected to be charged additional shipping if you order some other devices. Some states (CA, NJ, and NV) require additional paying sales tax. Flawless Hair Removal can also be ordered through Amazon.com for $25. If you don't like your purchase you can benefit from the 60-day money back guarantee. Amazon customers have 30 days to return. You can also reach the customer service department by calling at their phone number found on their official website.